Arbitrage audience of your website on Facebook and Instagram

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Achieve Arbitrage

Monetize publisher’s content on Facebook

  • The Arbitrage is an economical strategy where you buy cheap on Market A and sell it with profit on Market B.

    Our goal is to promote your content on Facebook and its advert inventory (Market A) and generate higher revenue from ads on your website (Market B) than cost of promotion.

    About automatization
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Adapt Automatization

Don't waste time and energy on the repetitive tasks

  • The key to success is the art of the identifying the most promising content and right people to consume this content.

    Leverage your income from the monetization platforms as Adsense, Sklik, Doubleclick for Publishers and others thanks to Arbitreo. Save yourself from repetitive tasks.

    Set business goals and focus on the quality of your posts rather than manual repetitive tasks like setting up your campaigns, manual bidding, calculation of spends and revenue, currency exchanges, data crunching, iterative optimization, reporting, etc.

    Let us help you
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    Let Us Help You

    How we do it

    • 1

      Give us your current RPM

      revenue per million views for every website that you want to promote

    • 2

      Connect your Facebook ad account to our platform

      we are an official Facebook Marketing Partner so Facebook guarantees that your data is in safe hands

    • 3

      Arbitreo will analyze every new post on your Facebook page

      and calculate how much we can bid for additional impressions in Facebook to bring you profit

    • 4

      Arbitreo will find right the people

      on Facebook, Instagram, Messenger and Audience Network and display your post to them

    • 5

      Arbitreo will analyze costs of promotion

      and your revenue from ads on the website (based on your RPM) and optimize delivery towards your profit

    • 6

      You will profitably increase traffic

      on your website

Software with a service

Software with a Service

Framework for our cooperation

  • We believe that every business should focus on their core competence where they have the biggest added value. Therefore we are working with media houses and publishers that can focus on creating great content and our added value is analytical work and building technology that can enable more people to find this great content profitably for publishers.

  • To support this idea we have chosen the business model Software with a Service (SWAS) where we share profit with you (so if there is no profit for you as a result of arbitrage you have both software and services for free).

  • This means that you have access to our platform so that your content team can learn from what works but you do not have to hire analytics that would maximize the arbitrage opportunity that your content has.

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About us

About Us

Here is our journey

  • Our mission is to profitably inspire more relevant people with your content.

    • 2009

      Started working with first publishers

    • 2012

      Created first own projects

    • 2013

      Managing 8M fans on Facebook

    • 2014

      Becoming an official Facebook Marketing Partner for Ads

    • 2016

      Launching arbitrage for our internal projects

      5 websites with 200k visits daily

    • 2018

      Launching Arbitreo for you

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