Vission of Arbitreo: Less intrusive ads, more value for everyone

As official global Facebook Marketing Partner and administrator of Community Leader Circles we see that monetization models for free internet services are changing very rapidly.

We believe that quality content on the internet should be free but at the same time publishers and bloggers should be able to earn money so that they can actually keep coming with great content. Since this is ensured by ads on their websites or blogs, ability to earn money is for them directly influenced by the amount of traffic they are able to drive to their content.

We see this as a big challenge because historically they were able to drive traffic through organic reach on social media but now since Facebook is overloaded by ads and decreased organic reach even the best publishers and bloggers are struggling to grow.

Strong partnership with leaders of industry

We have been partnering with Facebook since 2014 and we see that their strategy is align with users interest – to deliver more content from your friends and less ads that are bothering people. At the same time they need to earn enough money to continue innovating and developing new services so ideally Facebook would earn money on showing ads that are so relevant that they would not even feel like ads.

We see that this is a unique opportunity to promote quality content of publishers because this way users on Facebook would perceive it as valuable ads, therefore advertisers would not have to pay much money to get the reach and at the same time Facebook would still monetize their service. We see that by understanding what is the revenue that publishers and bloggers can get from ads on their website we can increase their reach on Facebook and Instagram profitably by doing arbitrage.

We are committed to help Facebook with their strategy to decrease the amount of ads per user and increase their relevance. This means to enable good publishers and bloggers monetize their content on Facebook so that users can see rather inspiring articles than product ads.

Therefore we have decided to create new startup that would empower content creators to profitably and sustainably promote their content on Facebook using arbitrage models. More than 5 years close cooperation with Facebook, top publishers (Prima TV, Vltava Labe Press, Mafra, Bauer Media, Burda Media, etc) and running own content websites with more than 200k daily active users enabled us to create internal version of arbitrage system that we want to turn into product available for all publishers and bloggers around the world.

We would like to hear your thoughts on our vision. Get in touch!